2010 Kentucky Health Literacy Summit

Graphic Recording

This conference utilized the process of graphic recording. The goal was to synthesize and organize the key components of the Health Literacy Summit with words and images.

Graphic recording is a very effective tool for helping a diverse group of learners understand information. This technique uses the power of visuals to help people see their collective thinking and understand it in an interactive way. The recorder helps people see what they currently know, shows how their ideas are connecting with others in the room, and helps them get to better-informed decisions and conclusions.

Graphic recording appeals to many modes of learning-auditory, visual, and kinesthetic…listening, seeing and touching.

The results of a graphically-recorded session

  • Builds on the best thinking of others from many vantage points
  • Builds a graphic summary that functions as "group memory"
  • Lowers misunderstanding and helps resolve conflict
  • Helps groups and individuals make better informed decisions and conclusions
  • Increases clarity and comprehension
  • Boosts learning for visual and kinesthetic learners

Conference recorders

Kathryn Gentner, "Kat"
Graphic designer, Humana, 6 years
3+ years' experience in graphic facilitation

Sara Thompson
Analyst at Humana, 2 years
2 years' experience in graphic facilitation