2010 Kentucky Health Literacy Summit
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Welcome to the online home of the first annual Kentucky Health Literacy Summit. Here you will find archived versions of selected presentations that took place at the conference. These multimedia products were captured and packaged by UK HealthCare CECentral and are being offered for free online to any who wishes to participate.

The Kentucky Health Literacy Summit brings together stakeholders from across the Commonwealth to discuss the very real issues related to health literacy in Kentucky. This Summit is just the beginning of a collaborative effort to accept the challenges and opportunities in health literacy in Kentucky. No one group or profession can solve the dilemma-it will take all of us working together for the betterment of the health of all Kentuckians.

As part of a major academic medical center, UK HealthCare CECentral pursues both system-wide health initiatives as well as focused clinical and educational interventions related to the needs of specific populations and health professionals with a focus on improved patient care and population health. Further, we seek increasingly innovative and user-friendly methods of content delivery to assure that healthcare professionals have ready access to the information they need continuously to improve their practices.

Visit the official Health Literacy Kentucky site to join a committee.

2010 Kentucky Health Literacy Summit Highlights

Michael Karpf, MD "Limitations in health literacy are significant barriers to access for people in Kentucky and elsewhere. Often, these are people with other risk factors for ill health, rendering an even greater urgency to the task of finding ways to improve health literacy. UK HealthCare is therefore proud to partner with others in sponsoring this first Kentucky Health Literacy Summit, both live and online at CECentral."
Michael Karpf, EVPHA
UK HealthCare
Alan Morgan, MPA "Health literacy has far-reaching effects – not only on the quality of care received but also on costs. Good health literacy means that members know how and when to take medications, how to manage their care, and what their treatment options are -- all things that can speed their recovery and keep them from getting sicker. Health literacy is important to Humana because our members need to be health-literate to get the best possible care. We support the goals of this inaugural statewide health literacy summit and are proud to be a partner and a sponsor."
Michael McCallister, CEO
"Health literacy is an essential life skill for individuals, helping them seek and use information to take control over their health. The cost associated with poor use of our health care system is a drain on the family’s economic resources. It is an important protective factor for strong families. Good health begins in the family system and the community. The School of Human Environmental Sciences is proud to work with our partners in sponsoring this important educational opportunity for health care providers and community professionals to improve health literacy."