2011 Kentucky Health Literacy Summit
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The online version of the 2nd Annual Kentucky Health Literacy Summit: Health Literacy in Action provides an opportunity for individuals from Kentucky, and elsewhere, who were not able to attend the Summit in person to improve their knowledge and hone their skills related to health literacy. The Summit combines presentations from nationally recognized health literacy experts along with panel discussions related to “What Works” and “Consume Engagement” which focus primarily on activities in the state of Kentucky. The Summit was organized by the recently formed Health Literacy Kentucky organization with sponsorship from Humana, UK Healthcare, Western Kentucky University, and the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky, and the National Library of Medicine.

Health literacy is an issue for all healthcare providers as well as for all those working in adult education, insurance, government, foundations, community organizations, libraries, etc. Anyone who provides services to patients and their families in regards to health care and health information needs to be conversant with the issues surrounding health literacy. Health literacy is not just a “patient problem.” It is a practice issue and a patient safety issue that needs to be addressed at all levels.

Visit the official Health Literacy Kentucky site to join a committee.

2011 Kentucky Health Literacy Summit Highlights

Michael Karpf, MD "UK HealthCare is proud again to sponsor this online offering of the Health Literacy Kentucky’s Annual Conference, giving access to this important information to Kentuckians unable to attend and providing worldwide access to what is going on in Kentucky in this critical aspect of health care. Improving health literacy among patients and helping providers better address this issue is a priority for UK HealthCare and this offering will contribute to achieving these goals. I hope you enjoy and benefit from viewing it."
Michael Karpf, EVPHA
UK HealthCare
"Health literacy is key to understanding the resources that are available to heal and avoid disease. We simply can’t expect members to get and stay healthy if they don’t have the tools to understand risky behaviors, when to get screened and how to take medicines. Health literacy is a Humana priority because our members deserve the support they need to confidently engage in shared health decisions and to adopt those habits that contribute to a lifetime of well being. We are proud to sponsor and support the objectives of this health literacy summit."
Charles Jackson, Project Manager
The Humana Foundation
"Health literacy is at the core of a productive, engaging and respectful relationship between care givers and care seekers. All of us who care about health have a role in finding better, clearer ways to engage consumers - ways that permit each to understand health information and service options, and to make informed health-related decisions. "
Susan G. Zepeda, President/CEO
Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky