The artisan era of medicine is over, giving way to a new era which is identified by highly technical and well orchestrated teamwork. Procedures and care that were historically performed individually are now are known to be best and most safely performed using teamwork. Deep line placement is a good example. In the past this procedure was often performed by a lone skilled provider, guided only by anatomic landmarks. Now this procedure is most safely performed following a team time out and utilizes ultrasound image guidance. New standard medical work and standard medical teamwork is being developed daily. Practitioners and clinicians must be able to learn and practice procedures and teamwork in an environment that is safe yet realistic.

Medical simulation offers clinicians the opportunity to learn and practice new skills in a manner that protects patient safety while providing a very realistic experience for the learner. Perhaps most importantly, medical simulation offers groups of medical professionals the opportunity to learn and practice clinical teamwork. Although mechanical skills are often the focus, the teamwork practice in a simulation setting also includes effective communication amongst team members. This skill is especially vital during critical moments of patients’ lives when the team must provide flawless execution.

UKHealthCare leadership places the highest value on medical services that are rendered in a safe, high quality, efficient and satisfying manner for both patients and providers. The simulation center is a resource provided for clinicians of all professions who strive for excellence in patient care.

Instructions - Download Instructions
Click on the recertification training you need and then Prerequisites.
  1. Under Prerequisites, click on the first module you wish to complete. The session Activity Home page will display. Review the information on this page and then click on the LEARN button.
  2. Click on the forward arrow in the bottom left corner of the video and view the video. When finished, click on Get Credit.
  3. If you are a returning user, you will be asked to Log In to continue. You are encouraged to log in using LinkBlue.
  4. If you are a new user, you will be asked to create a CECentral account. You are required to use your uky.edu email address when creating your user account and onsite at the live training. The system will not allow you to register for the prerequisites if you use an external email address. You will also need to use your uky.edu address onsite to take the online posttest.
  5. Once you have logged in, complete the evaluation, and submit. Your Certification of Completion will display. You will need to print copies of each prerequisite certificate to demonstrate that you have completed the module when arriving at the live session. They will also be stored in your online transcript.

After you have completed all of the online prerequisites, click on Register for SIM and select the live simulation training appropriate for your discipline, review all of the information on the site, and call First Response of the Blue Grass at (859) 219-9799 to schedule a live ACLS or PALS checkoff. The live checkoff will take place at First Response – 828 Lane Allen Road #180 – Lexington, Kentucky.

PHARMACISTS – Please confirm a date with First Response that is at least two (2) weeks from the day you call to allow time for the ACPE accreditation paperwork submission. Once confirmed, please email the date to vanessa.webb-brown@uky.edu.

Please be sure to carefully review all of the information about the session you select as it contains important information about completing the AHA pre-test and what you need to bring with you to the live simulation training.

There is no charge for either the online prerequisites or the live simulation session.

Questions? – Call (859) 257-5320