Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) is a protocol for handling patients who are experiencing serious medical emergencies such as cardiac arrest. PALS also refers to the skills and training necessary to use the protocol safely and properly. PALS involves advanced medical skills, certification, and training. The principles of PALS are an expansion on Basic Life Support (BLS), which includes Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and other simple measures to stabilize a patient until he or she can receive more experienced medical care. Much like CPR, PALS relies on the ABC's of first aid in which the airway of the patient is secured, Breathing is assessed and stabilized and circulation is closely monitored. Unlike more basic care providers, health care providers certified in PALS can provide many more advanced interventions.

UK HealthCare requires PALS and certification for medical and nursing staff and designed first responders so they can provide appropriate rescuer action as part of their job or in the event of a workplace emergency.

To standardize the current level and identify ways of improving the skills of the health care providers at UK HealthCare, this activity is required on a periodic basis of all medical and nursing staff providing care to pediatric patients. It consists of prerequisite online modules as well as a simulation exercise.

A uky.edu email address is required when registering for a pre-requisite or live simulation training.

In accordance with AHA regulations, you must possess a valid PALS provider card to participate in this recertification course.

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