1st Kentucky Health Literacy Summit

Keeneland Conference

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the University of Kentucky Center for Public Health Systems & Research, and the Fay W. Boozman College of Public Health at the University of Arkansas welcome you to the online home of the Keeneland Conference in Lexington, KY.

Our conference has become the premier event within the Public Health Systems & Services Research (PHSSR) community. As the interest in health care reform and system change grows, PHSSR researchers have an opportunity to showcase their effort to build a clearinghouse of evidence-based research that will impact health status through the work of public health and prevention. Our goal, during the conference is to promote networking between public health system researchers, practitioners and policymakers. The networking allows us to address practice relevant questions, particularly those prompted by the new legislation, and build research that has an immediate relevance to practice in our nation’s communities.

About UK Healthcare CECentral

In accordance with the University of Kentucky's education, research and service missions, UK HealthCare CECentral impacts the provision of health care in Kentucky and beyond by capitalizing on UK's world class faculty and facilities as well as CECentral's technology and strategic partnerships. As part of a major academic medical center, CECentral pursues both system-wide health initiatives as well as focused clinical and educational interventions related to the needs of specific populations and health professionals with a focus on improved patient care.
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"Once again the Keeneland Conference has come and gone, it was exhilarating to watch the development of new scientific approaches to difficult public health issues. The keynote speakers and presenters were impressive. I hope you are able to make the best use of the online sessions offered through CECentral."
"Five years ago, when the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation started investing in public health systems and services research (PHSSR), we didn’t have the answers to very basic questions about the public health system. Now, we are able to look to a growing body of evidence on the organization, staffing, financing and management of public health. Part of the growth of this field can be directly attributed to University of Kentucky and its efforts in identifying dataset for PHSSR and investing in new and aspiring research talent."
Debra J. Pérez, Ph.D, MPA
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
"The nation’s public health system faces a wave of new developments that are transforming the nature of its work and its impact on health, including the movement toward a national accreditation system for public health agencies, and increased federal investments in prevention and public health strategies within a national health system reform package."