NALBOH Governance in Action for Public Health

Description: “Web-based course designed to orient new board of health members to the field of public health and initial strategies that boards can take to influence population health outcomes.”
  • Modules 1 & 2: Public Health: A Primer
  • Module 3: Operating as a Board of Health
  • Module 4: Financing Public Health
  • Module 5: Contributing to Health Equity
  • Module 6: Partnerships to Improve Health Outcomes
  • Module 7: Supporting Population Health through Policy and Advocacy


General Modules: Legal and Financial Modules Quality Improvement:

NACCHO University

Selected Courses:
  • Community Health:
  • Infectious disease prevention (Hep C and HIV)
  • Evidence-Based Public Health
  • Health + Disability
  • Environmental Health:
  • Assessment + tools
  • Healthy community design
  • Public health Infrastructure + Systems:
  • Financial planning
  • Addressing Social Determinants
  • Ethical decision making + public health ethics
  • Health equity
  • Strategic planning
  • Public Health Preparedness:
  • Emergency preparedness law and responsibilities

Roots of Health Inequity Course
  • (UNIT 1) Where Do We Start?
  • Explore the relationship among changing the culture of our organizations, engaging community members, and negotiating with political pressures strategically.
  • (UNIT 2) What Are "Frames" and How Do They Influence Public Health Practice?
  • Consider how "mental models" or "frames" influence public health work. Discuss how values, assumptions, and interests affect the capacity for addressing health inequities.
  • (UNIT 3) What Can History Teach Us about the Role of Public Health and Public Health Practitioners?
  • Explore the transformation of public health during the last 150 years, including the forces that advanced or limited the field.
  • (UNIT 4) What Are the Root Causes of Health Inequities?
  • Examine the importance of class structure, racism, and gender inequity in the development of health inequities.
  • (UNIT 5) What Are the Principles of Social Justice?