2014 Keeneland Conference

Welcome to the 2014 Conference

This year’s program brought the most current information in the field from a variety of voices. As with other milestones, the Keeneland Conference provided an opportunity to reflect on the past and look to the future - and what an exciting time to do so! The field of PHSSR is growing by leaps and bounds, reflected by the growth in the conference, corresponding with a record number of abstract submissions. But more than that number, the quality of the science of the submissions was impressive. The level of discourse in the field reflected how far we have come. Now we are celebrating PHSSR’s coming of age as reflected in the outstanding presentations highlighted here.

Activity Details

  • Credit Amounts:
    • CME: 1.00
    • Other: 1.00
  • Type: Video Webcast Video Activity
  • Expires: Jun 15, 2017
  • Cost: Free
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A Modest Proposal Whose Time Has Come? Towards a Joint PHSSR–Informatics Agenda

Learners need to understand how public health informatics facilitates achieving improved health outcomes through the effective use of information and information technology to support public health practice, services, and research.