Buprenorphine Diversion and Misuse

2009 Conference

These sessions were videotaped at a live conference in Johnson City, Tennessee, that has been repeated in Wisconsin, Florida, and Kentucky. The curriculum was developed independently by the University of Kentucky Center on Drug and Alcohol Research after extensive evidence-based research on best practices in office-based opioid dependence treatment. The purpose of this activity is to provide doctors with concrete information (click on Materials to see forms discussed during the session) about: 1) practice behaviors that decrease the risk of buprenorphine diversion; 2) the legislation allowing for office-based treatment; and 3) the clinically relevant pharmacology of buprenorphine. The efficacy of the activity was evaluated through longitudinal surveys of doctors who participated in this activity, which was shown to improve knowledge and practice behaviors. The results are now published (Lofwall, M.R., Wunsch, M., Nuzzo, P.A., Walsh, S.L. Efficacy of Continuing Medical Education to Reduce the Risk of Buprenorphine Diversion. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment. 2011. Oct:41(3):321-329). We hope that you find this activity informational and helpful for your practice. Thank you for your time! Please be sure to give us constructive feedback about the activity – we read your evaluations and learn from you, too!

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