Self-Care Conditions Protocol: Emergency Contraception Training for Kentucky Pharmacists

This 1-hour ACPE accredited online training program is designed to help Kentucky pharmacists meet the education requirements necessary to initiate the dispensing of self-care emergency contraception with levonorgestrel to adult females per a Kentucky Board of Pharmacy authorized protocol*.

This course includes an online training module, educational materials and a downloadable Emergency Contraception (EC) Toolkit to help pharmacists implement safe dispensing of levonorgestrel for emergency contraception in the outpatient pharmacy setting.

To complete the course, please follow the steps below:

This training was developed by the University of Kentucky Center for the Advancement of Pharmacy Practice (CAPP) in collaboration with the Advancing Pharmacy Practice in Kentucky Collation (APPKC).

*This course is based on the Kentucky Board of Pharmacy Self-Care Conditions Protocol: Emergency Contraception (Approved September 30, 2020). Pharmacists should check the Kentucky Board of Pharmacy website for the most current version of the protocol.

Disclaimer: The information in this course is intended to be general and educational in nature. Clinical and dispensing decisions should be made by a pharmacist based on individual patient and prescription circumstances and, if necessary, in consultation with other prescribers or healthcare authorities. The information presented in this course is not legal advice. Licensed professionals are individually responsible for complying with all laws and regulations related to their practice.