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The University of Kentucky was awarded a $1.5 million grant following settlements with two pharmaceutical companies by Attorney General Jack Conway. KY Kids Recovery funding has been used to identify and treat adolescent substance abuse across the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The University of Kentucky’s Department of Psychiatry has developed the Adolescent Health and Recovery Treatment & Training program (AHARTT). The AHARTT project began in July 2014 and has involved four key components:

  1. Statewide outreach to stakeholders to identify unique concerns and resources regarding adolescent substance abuse.
  2. Provide evidence-based direct patient care to adolescents and also assist in implementation of treatment statewide.
  3. Utilize state of the art training methods to disseminate treatments tailored for adolescent substance abusers and their families.
  4. Track education and treatment to determine the most effective strategies and revise both educational and clinical programs.