The University of Kentucky Center for Interprofessional Health Education was established on June 14, 2010, by the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees for the explicit purpose of promoting teamwork and excellence in patient- and community-centered care through interprofessional education. The Center is composed of administrators, faculty, staff, and students from the colleges of Communications and Information, Dentistry, Health Sciences, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Public Health, and Social Work who share the vision that University of Kentucky will lead U.S. universities and academic medical centers in developing, validating and promoting interprofessional education methods that prepare students to improve patient and population health.

The continuing education resources presented here were developed to assist UK faculty members become more effective teachers of interprofessional practice, but are being made available to any interested person. We hope many health educators will use them and we welcome feedback so that we might improve on these offerings. Such feedback also serves to guide us as we develop additional content.

Thank you for visiting.

- James C. Norton, PhD, Interim Director