Substance use disorders are common medical disorders of which all health care providers should be aware, have basic knowledge about, and practice competence in order to screen, refer, and/or treat. Prescribers as well as non-prescribing health care providers need training in substance use disorders, urine drug screening and testing, and therapeutic use of KASPER.

The latter two are practice behaviors that are required by law for prescribers of several controlled substances in Kentucky. This training has been approved by the KBML as meeting the statutory requirements of HB1.


Therapeutic Use of KASPER and Urine Drug Screening and Testing in Clinical Practice KASPER and UDS/T can be used as therapeutic clinical tools to help monitor for unintended adverse effects of prescribed opioids (and other controlled drugs with known abuse potential and increasing presence in overdose death cases such as the opioids and benzodiazepines) and to help health providers not be unintentional sources of diverted medications. This process can get providers...


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    • CME: 0.75
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    • CPHCE: 1.00
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  • Expires: Mar 18, 2025
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