Pediatric Mental Health Frontline Support

Everyone who works with adolescents has worked with a teen experiencing a mental health disorder. Mental health professionals who work with adolescents must help prepare the adults in teens’ lives to identify and respond to their needs appropriately. The licensed psychologists who developed these modules (Alissa Briggs, Phd & Colleen Cornelius, PhD) are former teachers and coaches with children and adolescents at home. They understand that frontline professionals, such as teachers and coaches, have tight schedules. These modules are designed to be compatible with viewing on a smart phone. Most importantly, they are designed to be quick (5 to 15 minutes to complete) and engaging. They also target high stakes situations, such as what to do when a teen voices suicidal ideation, is struggling with traumatic stress, and loses emotional and behavioral control. Each module provides links to resources for those who wish to know more or expand their toolbox. Direct links to these resources are also provided below.