The University of Kentucky College of Nursing’s State Registered Nurse Aide (SRNA) training program is designed to prepare students to provide high quality patient/resident care under the supervision of licensed nurses. The focus of this course is communication, infection control, safety, patient/resident rights, and basic nursing skills.

This 75-hour program is offered in either a two-week or four-week course format.  Both formats consist of online theory (59 hours) and supervised in-person clinical training (16 hours). After completing this course, students will be eligible to take the Kentucky Board of Nursing’s SRNA competency evaluation/exam.

This course fulfills the SRNA/Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) clinical compliance requirement for UK College of Nursing’s pre-licensure programs.

Admissions and Pre-Course Requirements

In addition to registering for the UK College of Nursing SRNA training program, students will need the following: (Note: you do not need to have completed the following before registering. See below for more details on each.)

  • Documentation of immunizations
  • Criminal background check through Castlebranch
  • Basic Life Support (BLS) training
  • Course materials (i.e. textbooks, workbooks, uniform, blood pressure cuff, etc.) *See below and/or view the course materials list



Students are required to present documentation for the following immunizations on the first day of class.  View a detailed list of immunization requirements.

  • TB BLOOD Test *Need to complete specific form for this test.
    • TB BLOOD Test Required Form – Take this form with you when you get your TB blood test. The lab, RN, or screener at the facility will need to fill out this form and sign it.
  • T-SPOT, Quantiferon or IGRA BLOOD Test within the last 12 months. *IMPORTANT: TB Skin Tests will NOT be accepted.  
  • MMR vaccination x 2 (different dates are required) or positive titers.
  • Varicella Vaccination or positive titer.
  • Hepatitis B series or positive titer.
  • TDAP (Tetanus-Diptheria Acellular Pertussis) or positive titer.
  • Flu Vaccine. *Please note that vaccination is required only during flu season, October – March.

If you need to receive any of the above-listed immunizations, the following locations provide immunization services:


Baptist Health Occupational Medicine
1051 Newtown Pike, Suite #130


1775 Alysheba Way, Suite #50

Opens at 8; walk-in only; come no later than 2:00


Concentra UTC
1055 Dove Run Road
M-TH before 4:00


Forward Edge
155 Prosperous Place


Red Pointe Medical
128 Southland Drive

Background Checks

All students are required to have three background checks (CastleBranch criminal background check, Kentucky Caregiver Misconduct, KBN Elder Abuse Registry), but students are only responsible for completing the CastleBranch criminal background check. The UK College of Nursing will conduct the Kentucky Caregiver Misconduct and KBN Elder Abuse Registry checks.

  • CastleBranch criminal background check: All applicants must complete a criminal background check through CastleBranch. Please follow these instructions (which includes a necessary package code) to complete the background check.
    • Students who have already completed a CastleBranch background check for the UK College of Nursing do not need to submit another background check, but they will need to notify the Office of Professional Development that the requirement is completed.

*Please note that if you have completed a background check through other UK colleges or as a UK employee, that the UK College of Nursing does not have access to that information and you will still need to complete a background check through CastleBranch.


Basic Life Support (BLS) Training

The UK College of Nursing requires BLS certification from the American Heart Association for acceptance into the nursing program. Most nursing homes and hospitals require BLS training for nurse aides. BLS is currently not offered with this course. Students will be required to complete the training outside of the course and submit a copy of their card to their instructor.

Local BLS providers:

Erin Hagan
Email: IrishHeartSavers@gmail.com
(859) 806-4936

Jane Lynch
CPR of Lexington
269 Regency Circle
Lexington, KY 40503
Email: jlynch@cprlex.com
(859) 608-4377

Ruth Stevenson
CPR/First Aid with Ruth
535 West Second Street, Suite L-104
Lexington, KY 40508
Email: cr4050@hotmail.com
(859) 699-3468


Course Materials

View a complete list of required course supplies

Elsevier Evolve website access

This class is set up through Elsevier’s Evolve website and will require an access code that will be included in the book bundle from UK’s Bookstore.

  • Instructions to self-enroll on Evolve are available here: Evolve enrollment
  • Students will receive their Evolve course ID via email approximately one week before the course begins.

Required textbook/workbook bundle:

  1. Mosby's Textbook for Long-Term Care Nursing Assistants with Evolve Access Code (8th Edition) ISBN:  9780323676533
  2. Mosby's Textbook for Long-Term Care Nursing Assistants Workbook and Competency Evaluation Review (8th Edition) You need a hard copy of the workbook.
    • The UK Bookstore has a bundle package that includes a hard copy of the textbook and workbook and the access code to Evolve. View/purchase bundle
    • Students must purchase the textbook and workbook through UK’s Bookstore in order to receive the Evolve access code. The UK Bookstore is the only source with this specific access code from Elsevier. Textbooks purchased from other sources do not have the access code for Evolve’s online UK courses.


Course Cost & Refund Policies


  • Course Only Fee $517 (Does not include supplies)
  • Course Fee + State SRNA Exam $635.39 (Does not include supplies)

Payment and Refund Policies:

  • Credit card, cash or money order all accepted. Make money orders payable to University of Kentucky
  • Students wishing to use a GI Bill will need to apply for assistance through the non-college degree program benefit: https://www.va.gov/education/about-gi-bill-benefits/how-to-use-benefits/non-college-degree-programs/
  • Any applicant who drops the class at least seven days prior to the first day of class will receive a refund. No refunds are given within seven days of the beginning of the course or after the course begins.
  • Placement in the course cannot be guaranteed until cleared funds are received by the College of Nursing. Cleared funds are credit or debit card, money order or banker's check payments only


Student Responsibilities

  • Meeting all background checks and immunization requirements
  • Transportation to all in-person classes
  • Purchase of textbook and class supplies
  • Attend all class sessions including clinicals/skills labs. This class is very intensive and there is no time to make up missed course time, therefore, attendance is mandatory for all classes and clinicals/skills labs. *see below
  • Meet professional conduct standards *see below


  • Students are expected to be on time for clinical and lab practice sessions. Tardiness or leaving onsite lab and clinical early results in incomplete. Students should plan on eating lunch at the nursing facility on clinical days.
  • Zoom meetings with instructors are required attendance. Four-week sessions will meet Mondays and/or Tuesdays from 7 p.m. – 9 p.m. Two- week sessions will meet Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10 a.m. – noon.
  • Skills labs will be over a weekend. Depending on the instructor, they may be all day on Saturday and Sunday or they may start Friday evening and include hours on both Saturday and Sunday.
  • The skills lab for this course will be July 16-17, 2022.

Professional Conduct

  • Strict attention will be paid to students’ professional conduct during practice sessions and clinical. All persons are to be treated with kindness and respect. Confidentiality of persons’ and clinical information must be maintained at the site. Do not discuss patient information with family or anyone else. Students are expected to maintain professional boundaries.
  • Students should recognize that cheating and plagiarism are serious academic offenses and the minimum punishment for either of these offenses is an automatic dismissal from the course.
  • Students shall be terminated from the course when, and if, documented and substantiated evidence is found that the student is guilty of resident neglect/abuse, or misappropriation of resident property. These individuals shall then be placed on the abuse registry maintained by the Department of Medicaid Services, Kentucky Cabinet of Health Services. Upon request, the student shall be given the opportunity to review the allegations.


Evaluation Methods

To successfully complete this program, students must have:

  1. A cumulative test and workbook average of 70 percent
  2. A satisfactory rating on skills demonstrations according to program standards
  3. A satisfactory rating on clinical performance

There will be a total of three unit exams and a final exam. The final exam will be cumulative; however, a greater emphasis will be given to material not previously tested. Please refer to the Reading Schedule for test dates. Even though this course is taught on a pass/fail basis, students must attain a cumulative average of 70 percent.

Students will receive workbook assignments throughout the course. These assignments will help to reinforce learning of key concepts. Students should complete the assigned pages in their workbooks and bring their workbooks to lab, where they will be checked prior to clinical assignment.

Students must perform a satisfactory return demonstration of the nurse aide skills taught in this course. A satisfactory performance will be determined by the standards as outlined in the Testing Procedure Manual and Study Guide provided. In addition, students must successfully perform their return demonstrations prior to performance of the tasks in the clinical setting.

International Students and Non-native English Speakers

  • If English is not your native language, a TOEFL score of at least 220 (computer version) or 90 cumulative (iBT: Internet based) is required to process your application. Please contact www.toefl.org to schedule test or request scores. Please send an unofficial transcript that includes your TOEFL scores. This class requires advanced English language skills and we want to ensure you can succeed in the class.
  • To become a nurse aide, Medicaid requires a social security number. If a registrant does not have one when taking the course, they have up to a year or until they schedule their SRNA exam to get a social security number.


Kentucky SRNA State Test Information

The State Competency Test date is not included in the dates above, however, they are usually offered in close proximity to the class dates. Students will receive information on the first day of class.

If you plan to take the state test, you will need to complete and submit our SRNA Exam Application. Exam fee must be paid before test can be scheduled. Checks need to be mailed or dropped off at the College of Nursing:

315 College of Nursing Building
751 Rose Street
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY 40536-0232

*Checks are to be written to the Univerisity of Kentucky. Include in the memo line the name of the student and "SRNA Exam"

Information for all testing facilities can be found in the study guide. You must have a valid Social Security card (cannot be laminated) to take the state competency certification exam.


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