12:30 PM     Registration and Lunch

1:30 PM       Opening Remarks
                    Ajay K Kakkar, UK

1:40 PM       Venous Thromboembolism: Still a Clinical Challenge?
                    Jeffrey I Weitz, US
                    Providing insights on:
                   - characteristics of VTE patients,
                   - treatment (and the time-course of AC treatment)
                   - clinical outcome-based data from both randomised controlled trials (RCTs)
                     and real-world datasets (including Garfield-VTE amongst others)

                   Informing learners on what is being achieved versus what we might expect
                   to achieve (based on RCTs) and what the guidelines say.

2:00 PM     Therapeutic Intervention for Venous Thromboembolism:
                   What is the Standard of Care?
                   Alexander GG Turpie, Canada

                  Providing insights on the clinical outcomes with DOACs-based data from
                  both RCTs and real-world datasets (including the Garfield-VTE registry,
                  amongst others).
2:20 PM    Cancer-associated Thrombosis: What is the True Burden of Disease?
                 Ajay K Kakkar, UK

                 Focusing on the burden of thrombosis in cancer patients that includes venous
                 thrombosis, arterial events, and bleeding-associated event with anticoagulation. 

2:40 PM    Preventing and Treating Thrombosis in Cancer Patients
                 Howard Liebman, US

                Outlining the state-of-the-art on both the prevention and treatment of cancer
                associated thrombosis.

3:00 PM    Anticoagulation and Atrial Fibrillation: Current Perspectives
                 A John Camm, UK

                 Highlighting emerging data from real-world studies and recent clinical trials.

3:20 PM    Is There a Role for Anticoagulation in Patients with Arterial Disease?
                 Freek W A Verheugt, Netherlands

                 Discussing the utility of anticoagulation in patients with stable coronary artery
                 and peripheral arterial disease

3:40 PM    Interactive discussions - Three case-study presentations
4:25 PM    Closing Remarks

4:30 PM    Evaluation and Adjournment